Friday, October 9, 2015

Tapioca pearls Pina Colada Style -Sabudana kheer in Coconut and Pineapple

Day two on now. 
We are still running on faith and positive energy and the body is beginning to burn fat because of the dandiya Raas...
And the tummy has not yet begun to crave ,wholesome, spicy, cereal rich food.
So we can experiment with a few more things.

Comparatively satisfying and pretty to look at , this mini dessert is a little light on  calories and is refreshing.
I have used pineapple, because mine was fresh and sweeter than the canned stuff, you can use lychee, kiwi, segmented oranges... mango if you find it...

You need a foil for  the bland taste of the tapioca or sabudana and the sweetness of the coconut milk.
A little citrus will go a long way in making this dessert a show stealer. 
No nuts ,because we aren't really looking to increase the calories .

For the

Tapioca pearls  Pina Colada Style -Sabudana kheer in Coconut and Pineapple Day 2

You need

1/3 cup sabudana or tapioca pearls
200 mils Coconut milk -I use Dabur Homemade tetra pack 
4-5 tsp sugar or to taste
Pinch upwas wala namak or rock salt
1 cup Finely chopped pineapple or kiwi or lychee or grapes etc -Make sure you save the juices ...

Soak the sabudana in just enough water to cover after washing well.

Boil 1 cup of water with the salt and sugar. 
Once the water comes to a rolling boil add the Sabudana which would be all swollen by now and would have no water.
Stir and reduce heat to medium.
Now add in the coconut milk and stir continuously,on low heat for 10 minutes, until the dish looks gelatinous and the Sabudana tapioca pearls are cooked.
Transfer to a bowl and chill.
Now chop your tropical fruit and save the juices.
Stir the juices into the cold tapioca.
Check for sweetness.
You can either mix the fruit into the tapioca or layer.
Like so.
Tapioca is nothing but pure starch,so whenever you eat Sabudana during fasts it is important to add some fibrous element to it.  

Fruit is perfect.
The coconut milk acts as a lovely foil for the fruits and the Sabudana just ends up melting in your mouth.
It's easy to make and festive to serve. 
The combination of fruits is totally what is available to you.
Pineapples, mango, lychee, pink dragonfruit,kiwi ,grapes... Whatever is in your fridge.

Enjoy your Navratri fasts.
Coming up,another new way to celebrate Navratri.

Jai Mata Di!

So what are you baking today???

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Navratri -Mixed Fruit Satay-Detox Grain Free Diet-Day 1

TNavratri is the festival of the goddess Durga. Literally translating to nine nights, this years Sharad Navratri celebtions begin from the 13 October,2015.

And for once, I am blogging on time and I will be fasting for 7 days.

Fasting to invoke her blessings,and a celebration of faith is the only impetus to let down ones hair and revel in her power.
The Navratri celebrations in Mambai are very different from anywhere else. Garba and Dandiya Raas are the highlights of the evenings. The markets are Stuffed with the shimmer and jazz that is going to adorn the silhouettes of the celebrating women.
But that's the job of a fashion blogger.
So we go grain free for a week in north India,but in Mumbai and Gujarat the fats last a whole nine days.
Grain free.
Fruit and Dairy.
And some spices and no eggs and stuff that is frowned upon. Like non veg. But that is all about your family,for example,in my parents home, we go vegetarian and also no onions and garlic. 
But in my in laws,as Rajputs who used to offer "Bali" or sacrifice an animal to Ma Kali, it's ok to eat the prashad or meat of the "Bali" or sacrifice,but cooked without onion or garlic.
But then the Rajputs have always prayed to Ma Durga for power,because as warriors,they needed strength,which roots and vegetables cannot provide.
Anyways,that is another story.
Now, I go with the flow.
Since I am the devotee here, I am the one who fasts and abstains from stuff for seven days and then I pray and do Kanjak or Kanya pujas on the Ashtami or eighth Navratri.
As do many North Indians.
So you'll find the poori and Sabji and stuff on other blogs, let's just do a little fancy schmancy Vrat or Satvik food here.

For the 

Navratri -Mixed Fruit Satay-Detox Grain Free Diet-Day 1 - hung curd dip

You need- for one person

2 Fresh pineapple slices- canned is ok, only sweeter
1 Apple 
Lemon juice 
1 banana
Grapes, figs or whatever is available 
Honey, cinnamon powder, upwas wala namak(Rock Salt/Sendha Namak)

Hung Curd Dip
2 tsp hung curd or Greek yogurt 
2 walnut halves 
2 tbsp shelled pomegranate seeds
upwas wala namak(Rock Salt/Sendha Namak)

Satay sticks dipped in water
Ghee or home made unsalted butter or veg oil to baste

Just in case you don't know, it's ok to eat cinnamon and honey.
The basic idea is to detox and not to gain any weight. The traditional food that we eat during Navratri is generally loaded with fat or is deep fried.
So the idea is to bake ... Or grill or shallow fry with the minimum amount of fat.

Start with the dip.
Whisk the hung curd or Greek yogurt and add the pomegranate seeds.
Chop the walnut halves fine and add the the curd. Season to taste and chill.

Cut the apple , pineapple and other fruit into equal pieces.
Place the fruit in the bowl and squeeze the lemon juice. Add a few pinches of cinnamon and honey and salt ,stir and stash till the satay sticks are soaked.
Preheat oven to 230C.

We #CreateFearlessy with #HamiltonBeach here.

Thread the fruit one at a time on the sticks, 5 pieces max,and place on your greased baking tray . Baste with the juicesand then a wee bit of oil.

Into the oven and grill...
Turn the Mixed Fruit Satays once over and wait for the honey and natural fruit sugar to caramelise.

Serve hot with the hung curd dip.

Enjoy your fast and feed them with the purest of fruits.

I'm not minion material and I am not particularly fond of bananas,but there is something super about grilled figs and something more than super about grilled pineapple.

Hey,This is the time to detox too.

Jai Mata Di!

So what are you baking today???

Until the next

Until the next


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