Sunday, July 27, 2014

Black -The Darkest Colours and Some Most Coveted Things

Almost like my favourite cuss words. I'm a believer in some expressions of expletives. These words take away all that's negative in you.The absence of all that's light or good. But that is not the black I want.
Undeniably Covetous.
Undeniably Desirable.
Sinister,Mysterious ,Super Sexy...OK..that is the norm.
For some yes...but there is no harm in continuing to want.
I am a big fan of black. When I was just a little girl, I was told that black is not the colour to wear."There are other colours in the world".
Black was my first taboo.
But the greatest pleasures in life are in doing what the others say you cannot do. so black is half my wardrobe today.
For me ,black is the ultimate. Yes I love the colour, Red,it comes a close second to my favourite colour. But black is undeniably hot.

The first on my list of my most wanted black Objects (Capitals,because the object is Big) is a big,         black ,shiny SUV.
Google images
Not really concerned with the brand or anything,it can be a Mercedes or a Jag or an Audi(I live in Punjab,everyone -except me ,drives a foreign returned NRI type car...even the local Dubai returned carpenter.....).The power that a large black SUV exudes,even without rolling down the windows or listening to the music system,

Valentino Garavani Rose Satin Pumps are next on my list of my most wanted black Objects. I am someone for whom shopping is incomplete without a pair of shoes. At the moment this desire is on hold because I intend shopping for many many shoes in Malaysia...
So why a pair of shoes that cost USD600 upwards? Well ,they may not be very comfortable , but a pair of ivory peep toes covered with satin black roses just scream luxury and class. You wont be walking around on anything less than carpeted floor in those shoes. Luxury indeed.
Its the forbidden black of the roses that makes them so covetable.
I want.
Google images
The next on my list ,a drive on a black motor cycle.  I'm the tomboy of the family. So never been the little black dress for me ,I'm the one with the scrapes and stitches on my knees. What is it that screams power? The black motor cycle.  I'd love to ride on a Harley Davidson, but they have issues with speed, and the drivers are always men with long hair. So the bike ride- I dont want to be the pillion rider people, the rider. BLACK bike and all the leather trimmings and the speed ...restrained by yours truly.
The speed on the black mean machine is what I want.
Google images
Black raspberries. I love the black jamun that we gorge on in the summers in India, but raspberries are seedless and sweet and tangy and awesome.  They colour your tongue a blackish purple but they are worth the flavour. I have  tried the red raspberries and love the flavour. The ticklish yumminess of the black raspberries will be awesome. 
I want them.
Google images
I love dogs and have had dogs since like forever. A Russian Symoyde, a Doberman and a couple of Lhasa Apsos white and black and tan and white and tan...
Never all jet black.
I'd love dogs and would love a jet black dog .
Dogs are clumsy and flop around and pant and shed hair and back and wag their tail and make things fall. OK ,they give the most love , but I want a black cat. With green eyes.
Soft ball of fur. And pricey.  You can not just cuddle up to a cat ,it will never allow you to. You have to wait until it wants you to cuddle it. My sweet dog Romeo pants in my ear when he wants me to wake up and he sleeps so soundly that you need to call him to wake him .But a black cat will go where it wants , be alert and those green eyes will peer at you when the lights are out. It will not beg for cookies or ice cream like a dog . Dignity and elegance, that is what a black cat will be all about.
Persian Cat....hmmm
I want.
Google images
Desire and Covetousness is all about the colour black.
There is always that sinister feeling about black.  And whatever is taboo is always the most wanted.
These are the 5 black things I want!

Question is...when am I getting them?
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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Caramel Magic Homemade Granola bars and a Realisation

"Can you make me some cookies ,and put chocolate chips  in them? And please make cup cakes ,and put some cream on it and then drop some sprinkles on them. I love sprinkles on my cup cakes. And make granola ,but dont put raisins in it ,my papa and I don't like raisins..."

And all I ever asked was if she wanted something from Jalandhar...
Sweet Sister has since relocated to Bangalore from New Jersey and the one feeling the pangs the most is sweet Sanskriti, my 3.5 year old niece. Someone was leaving for Bangalore from Jalandhar and I called up sweet sister to ask if she needed anything from here. She hardly asked for anything, these demands came from the little madame Sanskriti.
Her demands must be fulfilled.
Granola, and that too without raisins. Everything else, we can manage, but we had to try a recipe for the granola before I could make a batch for Sanskriti.

Looking around for a good enough recipe, I found @saffrontrail  made granola but hers didn't bind.
Again a little research let to the conclusion that liquid glucose helps to keep the granola crisp and is no too sweet.
So an attempt.
The granola turned out great but the oats needed to cook more . So next time I will roast the oats beforehand.
And the realization, well ,I have been blogging about all and sundry, but have not been baking.
So the #facepalm...

For the

Caramel Magic Homemade Granola Bars ...

You need

2 1/2 cups quick cooking oats (roasted and cooled)
1 cup corn flakes
1 cup Rice Crispies(I used desi Murmura)
1/2 cup tutti fruity -no raisins remember
1/2 cup melon seeds or magaz
2 tbsp grated coconut-dry kopra
50 gms butter
1/4 cup canola oil
1/4 cup caramel /molasses
3 tbsp liquid glucose

I  caramelised 1/2 cup sugar and poured in 1 cup water and let it reduce to give me a thick dark molasses like sauce a day before. You can skip the same , but I have been wanting to use a sauce like so for ever now ,so...

You should roast the quick cooking oats in a large saucepan over low heat .(I used Quakers quick cooking oats and Kelloggs corn flakes, and if you have corn syrup, you can use it in place of liquid glucose. ..only the granola will be sweeter.)

In a large bowl place the butter, canola oil ,liquid glucose and molasses(or honey) and allow it to warm together.
A few minutes is all it takes.

Tip in the dry stuff into the wet and mix well. Taste and check if the granola holds together, you may need to add a little more roasted oats or cornflakes if the mix is too wet.
Place a sheet of tin foil or baking parchment paper on a  baking dish and grease it with canola oil.
You know its OK if it holds and lets go like a good ex ...
Now press it down into the  baking dish about 3/4th of an inch deep.
Keep the oven at 160°C and place the granola in for about 25 to 30 minutes. You're going to be able to judge it by pinching off a bit and tasting it yourself.
Bring it out and let it cool  for 10 minutes and tip it out on a board.

Peel off the paper and slice firmly into bars .
Cool and eat...
For the wow ,jewel factor ,I melted some white chocolate and drizzled it on...
OK the milk is a buffer for the granola and I am in love with these ginormous chai type glasses and the sprinkles are to keep little Sanskriti happy.
So what do you think....even without the raisins????

Like so... I know I am not a chocalatier...just a chocolate skills are bad.

A fresh batch for madame...
Most of the granola is gone...
I'll be trying the fruit and granola parfait next.
Stay tuned.
Be healthy and eat healthy.

So what are you baking today???
PS next up Dal baati,Choorma

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