Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Big Basket ,Grocery Shopping with a Mouse...

Time is the most precious resource for all the Multi-taskers all across the globe.Added to this conundrum are rising fuel costs, need for fresh and organic produce and the thrill of getting the most bang for your buck. In this scenario, online grocery shopping and delivery seems to be a boon from the God’s above.
When I visited Bangalore, a few months ago, I was curious about the little red truck delivering produce,meats and other curios to sweet sister's neighbours.With work, blogging and a terrific teen on my side, I was sold on the concept of shopping online.We checked out the website and ordered. And after the wonderful service she and her family have been using big basket for the past 3 months and have had a happy experience with their quality and delivery.Here are a few key points that makes Big Basket a life saver.

Big Basket offers fresh and high quality produce and meats.I have ordered peeled and chopped vegetables and curry cuts of chicken( The vegtables are ozonized, which removes pesticides and other germs).The quality is quite impressive.To top it all , they have an excellent return service.I had to return just 1 or 2 items and it was easy peasy.

Prompt Delivery - I just fix a time slot and they have delivered within the time slot each and every time.They even send and email and SMS to confirm the order and I don't have to wait around for the delivery. The produce arrives hygienically packed and the meats arrive in a cooler.(Yay, No risk of food poisoning)

Great Deals and discounts - Big Basket offers many deals such as 4 % cashback and combo offers allow for maximum savings.

Imported and Gourmet Items - No more running to speciality shops for gourmet baking ingredients.
One Stop Shop - Big Basket offers personal care products as well so one need not run from pillar to post for comprehensive shopping.

So , what are you waiting for???

Log on to Big Basket for your blissful shopping trip without the pollution, waiting and honking.

Or download the App.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

No-Bake Karachi Karahi /Kadhai Meat #StreetFood #Spicy #Mutton

Pancchi ,nadiya ,pawan ke Jhonke
                         Koi sarhad na inhe roke.
Sarhadein insano ke liye hain
                         Socho tumne aur maine ,kya paya insan hoke...

                                                                Jaaved Akhtar ,Refugee

No boundaries can stop birds ,flowing water and the wind. Boundaries are for men ,just think...what have we gained by being human?

These are the poignant words that struck a chord in most Indians ,unfortunately all those emotions went flying out of the window when the Kargil war was fought in  July, 1999.

A lot of water has flown under the bridge, an entire generation has passed and the people have forgotten the pain. But for those of us who experienced it first hand...those nightmarish memories will never fade.

Any ways, across the borders too ,our food choices and tastes are parallel. So we crossed borders without a visa -Via YouTube.
Surfing through the food street videos of India and Pakistan, I came across this video... I am not too keen on linking a Pakistani weblink to my blog... so my version of the recipe should suffice.
The main reason why I tried it out was a change in the method of preparation.
Street food on both sides of the border is super spicy,oily, quick and totally yummy. And both sides street food has a fantastic fan following. People upload you tube videos about all the thelas and dhabas and small eateries all the time.
Cross your heart and hope to die if you say you prefer bite sized gourmet pretty portions to the generous ,oily,spicy wholesome portions that you find at roadside dhabas...

Change is always good.

There is absolutely no water in this prep...just oil and the works.

for the

No-Bake Karachi Karahi/Kadhai Meat #StreetFood #Spicy #Mutton

you need

500 mutton assorted cuts
3 -4 thinly sliced medium onions
6-8 thinly sliced ripe tomatoes
100 gms ginger juliennes
1/2 cup or 120 mils mustard oil or any vegetable oil
100 gms or 1 small bunch finely chopped coriander
10-15 chillies sliced or finely chopped
salt, turmeric powder, deghi mirch,red chili flakes and coriander powder all to taste
1 tsp garam masala
1 cup thick yogurt/curd
A very efficient gas burner

Start with the sliced onions and the mutton and the tomatoes,.
 Mix them in a pressure cooker and add a spoonful each of salt, turmeric powder and red chili flakes.
Close the cooker and pressure cook on high till the first whistle and then 15-20 minutes on a very low flame.
 In the meanwhile slice the ginger and chop the chilies. I use a chili cutter-its too painful to physically chop them.
 After the pressure drops , the cooker will reveal cooked mutton and almost disappeared onions and tomatoes in a liquidy stew.
Heat the oil in a Kadhai/Karahi or wok. Keeping the flame on high,pour in the contents of the cooker-mush and all.
 Keep stirring on a high flame, till the gravy is half the original amount. Add the deghi mirch for colour,salt if needed ,green chilies and ginger juliennes and then chopped coriander one after the other at regular intervals.
Keep stirring...
Check for seasoning...
Add the garam masala.

 Keeping the flame on high , pour in the beaten curds/yogurt and keep stirring till the liquid comes to a boil.

 Reduce the heat and allow the liquid to evaporate.
Cover the kadhai/karahi for a while.

The oil will separate and indicate that the dish is done.
I use a flat steel spatula. It helps clean the edges and bring the dried bits back into the gravy.
Sprinkle chopped coriander and some ginger juliennes for garnish. Serve with warm rotis.
I made dosti rotis (or Dropadi or roomali roti) and potatoes for lunch.
Meat and potatoes and bread.
The three main food groups in a mans life.

You don't have to go far to enjoy food...
Just change the way you cook food at times. A little change alters the taste . This Karahi/kadhai meat is beautifully tart and  spicy. You cant see any pieces of onions floating about...they have magically added a depth of flavor  and a sweetness to the mutton. The sauce napps the roti and smells aromatic because of the garam masala.
Try it.
It will soon become your fave...

So what are you making today???


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