Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Smart and Sassy Dining, Penang Food Trail

Smart and Sassy and modern dining ,Spoon Cafe, Ghotel,Kelawai , Penang.
The next step in my Malaysian holiday.
The first evening in

To start with desserts.
I mean, you never know which meal might be your last.                                                                                                                      So before I indulge in any cholesterol rich, meal at a buffet- this spectacular buffet at the G hotel,Kelawai, I needed to try the desserts.
And what a spread it was.
Spoilt for choice.

I quite loved the flavor of the pandan leaf. In rice and in the sponge cake too. Cream ,every where is dairy free , so I skip that ,but the cake was good.
So was the Kuih with the pandan and some kind of jelly.
What I really loved was the visual appeal of these tiny rainbow cake bites. However, I love homemade. So I passed. But the gelato was to die for . Twice. Strawberry. Coffee. Repeat.
And then there were the Kuih Bahulu , Bread and Butter And Raisin Pudding with a vanilla sauce and Marshmallows and the candy and fruit skewers and the ubiquitous chocolate fountain.
And jello shots.
And some lemon meringue tarts ,which were good and tart.
I loved the granite platters too...

The frozen or super fresh fish was up for the offing at the Atmosphere 360 in Kuala Lumpur too ,but I never had the guts to try them there.  Its was now or never... if you have been keeping track ,I cant eat fish with my boys as they are allergic to most shell fish. So I tried the mussels and the prawns and also the oyester, however, I prefer the cooked version.
A little wasabi and lemon juice goes a long way , but this is certainly an acquired taste.
The salads were awesome and the bread spread was vast too.
These were what were interesting.  The local Penang /Nyonya cuisine . Presented in cute casserole dishes. u cant believe that I passed over a Le Creuset casserole on 50%discount at the Mitsui Brand Outlet, Kuala Lumpur for a Guess Tote.
Anyway, squid, crab ,prawn and fish curry.
My only difficulty was that the prawns were not shelled. We are spoilt in India. Jumbo prawns are shelled here. So I had a major problem...
The curries was fabulous. Not all had coconut and they were tangy and spicy and Yum.
I joted down the names... but cant seem to find them.
Nasi Putih Pandan was the carrier for my curries. I loved the flavor of Pandan in the rice.
The nyonya sour and spicy fish curry Gulai Tumis Ikan was the best. 

And they had an assortment of tapas , spicy ,fried, crisp and yumm. The glutinous rice  cooked in banana leaves has been making regular appearances and was nice. 

What was really cool was the effort made for our vegetarian companions by the chef. A wonderful platter of dal, rice pickle and papad ,to ensure that they didn't feel left out. 
Yup, the pic of that platter is somewhere in this miasma...

Overall, the stay at the G HOTEL, Kelawai ,Penang was comfortable and the food superb. 
I would love to go back again.

Planning to attack unshelled prawns next time...

So what are you waiting for???

Friday, July 31, 2015

Oats,Whole wheat and Chocolate Brookie -Brownie Cookie

OK .
This is a Brookie.
It can't be any thing else.
Its a cookie that tastes of brownies.
So Brownie + Cookie= Brookie.

This was supposed to be a cookie but I didn't trust it on the cookie sheet -not that it could have had wrong intentions...
Unfortunately, out of the two times I have bakes these ,I have been unable to photograph the end product.  Such Brookie -holics around here.
l had noted this intensely healthy chocolatey cookie long ago with the intention to bake soon , but like with all good intentions... this one got pushed to the background too.
Until Sweet Child went through the stash of chocolates I bought back from Malaysia... and threatened to shop for more .
I had to get off my butt and bake again.
So- lazy leading to deviousness and mixing up landed me here.

I think I got the chocolate from the recipe wrong but it worked.

It was almost truffle like before baking , had it not been for the egg and whole wheat flour I probably would have let sweet child eat them as they were.

But now the Mum in me can rest easy. Its all healthy.

For the

Oats ,Whole wheat and Chocolate Brookie...

You need

1 cup oats -I use Quaker
1/2 cup whole wheat flour or atta
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg
2 pinches baking soda or soda bicarb
50 gms Butter-I use Amul
125 gms dark chocolate
4 tbsp good cocoa powder-I use an intense Malaysian brand that the cake supplier sells(So I use 3 tbsp)

Melt the butter and the chocolate over a double boiler or in the microwave.
Add in the cocoa powder and mix well.
In another bowl whisk the sugar and egg and vanilla essence.
By now the chocolate mix would have cooled. Mix it into the egg and sugar.
Add in the baking soda and salt to the oats and whole wheat flour.
Now mix the dry ingredients into the wet.
The dough /batter may look a bit wet to you ,but allow the oats to absorb the moisture and fats from the butter and chocolate.
If after 5 minutes, the dough still looks wet add a spoon or two of oats.
preheat the oven to 350°F/180C .
line muffin pan with cupcake liners. I hate the clean up...and my daily help protests.
With an ice cream scoop , scoop out the brookie dough.  I got 14.
For added fibre I rolled them in oats and flattened them.
In to the muffin tray and in the oven for 20 minutes.
Soft and brownie like while warm ,they become like fudgy cookies when cool.
Heaven in a bite.
What makes my heart even happier, is that the oats and chocolate really make my heart happy.
So good cheer and coffee are best pick me up every day.
I thought that I had coined the term Brookie ,but has been around a while. According to the Internet , a Brookie is a cookie that has a brownie in it or vice versa.
But mine is either a cookie that is a brownie or a brownie that is a cookie.
I don't really know.
All I know is that it is a brownie when I want it to be one and a cookie when my heart so desires.
And it makes my taste buds dance a chocolate tango.
And it makes my heart happy.

A little change -a brownie-a cookie -a Brookie...

So what are you baking today???

Until the next

Until the next


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